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Sunday Program 21 August, 2016.

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Thursday 25 August, 2016


​Salvu Mallia publicly slams government for prioritising money above all else

Popular TV presenter Salvu Mallia has taken to social media to speak of the damage he believes is being done to Malta by the current administration.

Mr Mallia’s show “Madwarna”, which dealt with Maltese way of life, culture and society, has been axed by PBS from the coming autumn schedule.

Writing on Facebook today, Mr Mallia said his disappointment is not related to money. He said he used to get €400 per show (minus tax, social security and VAT), saying that he had often had to chase PBS to be given his dues.

He slammed the government repeatedly for being a slave to money, for selling off Malta and for ensuring that a few individuals from the inner circles are given exorbitant salaries when they contribute nothing to the island.

He vowed to continue speaking publicly about the concerns he has under this administration, and how the government cannot continue treating the island as though it is a piece of property to make money off.

He wrote: “Many blind Labour supporters, who have not yet realised who is really causing long-term damage to the Labour Party (PL) and the socialist principles it once championed, have put it in their heads that I am making a fuss because my programme got cancelled and that I would be losing a lot of money. I have nothing to hide. My contracts have been public from day 1: I earn around €400 per show, and if I fight hard enough, I get paid maybe a year later, after all due tax, duties and VAT is paid.

“I am fighting for principle and nothing more! Because the most important quality a person can have is to be honest with themselves, so that when they go to bed at night their mind is at rest (because I have a brain and I use it, sorry Castille-clique!), that they did and said everything they felt was right, and did not act as though they were a skip, sucking up to some mischievous politician without scrutiny.”

Mr Mallia wrote directly about his cancelled show, called ‘Madwarna,’ where he said that first and foremost it is an educational programme showing patriotic values and highlighting the cultural and natural aspects of Malta.

He said that it is evident that money is the top priority for this government. Money is a great tool to govern a country, and can lead to much prosperity, however the government cannot become a slave to it.

“The damage done by PBS was not to me, because apart from those people who are blind to the current situation....it is apparent that this government wants to bury the public under the capitalist towers of Babel, an enemy of the workers....government will not show concern if these islands are changed into some vulgar areas such as Dubai or Singapore, where these is nothing but heartlessness and money reigns.”

He thanked the thousands, many of them foreigners, who were upset by the decision to stop Madwarna. He said that the show “raised the otherwise mediocre standards of TVM,” and thanked the public for their solidarity. He assured the public that the damage was not caused to him, contrary to this, the situation has brought about some good because it gave him reasons to publicly accuse the government of its vulgarity and mediocrity.

He said that: “Even if the government changes its mind (because when they stopped the programme they showed their true colours and revealed the sales-man mask which lies underneath) I will continue to speak about the damage caused to this Mickey Mouse country, because they see Malta as one large property which they can profit from.”

Żagħżugħ Għawdxi akkużat li daħħal 15-il kilo kokaina

Zagħżugħ minn Għajnsielem qed jiġi akkużat u nżamm arrestat talli daħħal f’Malta 15‑il kilo kokaina minn Sqallija, bil‑għan li tiġi ttraffikata.

Iż‑żagħżugħ, li għandu 23 sena, qed jiġi akkużat ukoll li meta nhar it‑Tnejn li għadda kien ġej minn Sqallija, fil‑karozza kellu arma tan‑nar.

Minkejja l‑akkużi, wieġeb mhux ħati u se jinżamm taħt arrest sa nhar il‑Ġimgħa li ġej sakemm il‑Qorti tiddeċiedi jekk għandux jingħata l‑libertà provviżorja.

B'rabta ma' dal-każ, nhar it-Tlieta li għadda l-Pulizija żammet raġel ta' 66 sena minn Ħal Qormi biex jgħinha fl-istħarriġ, li iżda mhux se jitressaq il-Qorti.

At least 120 killed as quake flattens towns in central Italy

An earthquake flattened towns in central Italy in the early hours of Wednesday, killing at least 120 people and burying some alive in their sleep, with volunteers and firefighters racing to free those trapped under mounds of rubble as darkness fell.

The quake razed mountain homes and buckled roads in a cluster of communities some 140 km (85 miles) east of Rome.

It was powerful enough to be felt in Bologna to the north and Naples to the south, each more than 220 km from the epicentre. "I was blown away by what I saw.

We haven't stopped digging all day," said Marcello di Marco, 34, a farmer who travelled from the town of Narni some 100 km away to help with emergency services' rescue efforts in the hamlet of Pescara del Tronto.

In the nearby village of Accumoli, a family of four, including two boys aged 8 months and 9 years, were buried when their house imploded.

As rescue workers carried away the body of the infant, carefully covered by a small blanket, the children's grandmother blamed God: "He took them all at once," she wailed.

The army was mobilised to help with special heavy equipment and the Treasury released 235 million euros ($265 million) of emergency funds.

At the Vatican, Pope Francis dispatched part of the Holy See's tiny firefighting force to help in the rescue. Rescue workers used helicopters to pluck survivors to safety in more isolated villages cut off by landslides and rubble.

Aerial photographs showed whole areas of Amatrice, last year voted one of Italy's most beautiful historic towns, flattened by the 6.2 magnitude quake.

Many of those killed or missing were visitors. "It's all young people here, it's holiday season, the town festival was to have been held the day after tomorrow so lots of people came for that," said Amatrice resident Giancarlo, sitting in the road wearing just his underwear.

"It's terrible, I'm 65 years old and I have never experienced anything like this, small tremors, yes, but nothing this big.

This is a catastrophe," he said. Scores of people are believed unaccounted for, with the presence of the holidaymakers making it difficult to tally.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who gave the latest toll figure after visiting the area, called for national unity.

"We Italians are very good at arguing and being polemical but now let's stand in solidarity and pride alongside those who are rescuing others," he said.

"Today is a day for tears. Tomorrow we can talk of reconstruction."


Patients at the badly damaged hospital in Amatrice were moved into the streets and a field hospital was set up.

"Three quarters of the town is not there anymore," Amatrice mayor Sergio Pirozzi told state broadcaster RAI.

"The aim now is to save as many lives as possible.

There are voices under the rubble, we have to save the people there."

Accumoli's mayor, Stefano Petrucci, said some 2,500 people were left homeless in the local community of 17 hamlets.

Residents responding to wails muffled by tonnes of bricks and mortar sifted through with their bare hands before emergency services arrived with earth-moving equipment and sniffer dogs.

Wide cracks had appeared like open wounds on the buildings that were still standing.

The national Civil Protection Department said some survivors would be put up elsewhere in central Italy, while others would be housed in tents that were being dispatched to the area.

Most of the damage was in the Lazio and Marche regions, with Lazio taking the brunt of the damage and the biggest toll. Neighbouring Umbria was also affected.

All three regions are dotted with centuries-old buildings susceptible to earthquakes.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck near the Umbrian city of Norcia.

Italy's earthquake institute INGV registered it at 6.0 and put the epicentre further south, closer to Accumoli and Amatrice.

It was relatively shallow at 4 km below the earth's surface. INGV reported 150 aftershocks in the 12 hours following the initial quake, the strongest measuring 5.5.

Residents of Rome were woken by the tremors, which rattled furniture, swayed lights and set off car alarms in most of central Italy.

"It was so strong. It seemed the bed was walking across the room by itself with us on it," Lina Mercantini of Ceselli, Umbria, about 75 km away from the hardest hit area, told Reuters.

Italy sits on two fault lines, making it one of the most seismically active countries in Europe.

The last major earthquake to hit the country struck the central city of L'Aquila in 2009, killing more than 300 people.

The most deadly since the start of the 20th century came in 1908, when an earthquake followed by a tsunami killed an estimated 80,000 people in the southern regions of Reggio Calabria and Sicily.

Woolworths shuts Masters, sells the property, and now 7700 jobs are on the line

Woolworths will gain about $1.5 billion from exiting its home improvement division, including selling the property of the troubled Masters chain.

The company says it will work hard to find Masters employees jobs within the group or will pay full redundancy. There are 7,700 staff in the home improvement businesses

The retailers says Masters will cease trading by December 11.

A consortium of Aurrum Group, Spotlight Group and Chemist Warehouse will buy the Masters properties, including 40 freehold trading sites, 21 freehold development sites and 21 leasehold sites.

Home Consortium plans to repurpose the former Masters sites into multi‐tenant large format centres

What’s on the shelves at Masters will be sold, bringing in about $500 million.

The Masters business has been losing about $200 million a year, unlike main competitor Bunnings which is a major contributor to profits at its owner Wesfarmers.

In February, Woolworths posted a loss of $972.7 million for the first half of the financial year, its first for more than 20 years, driven by a massive $1.9 billion write down in the value of the Masters business.

Woolworths shares went into a trading halt today ahead of an announcement about the process to dispose of its troubled hardware business.

The retailer then announced the sale of Home Timber & Hardware Group to Metcash for $165 million.

A third of the Masters business is held by Lowe’s, a US retailer. Woolworths will need to buy Lowe’s share, at a price to be determined, before disposing of what’s left of Masters.

After estimated wind‐down costs, Woolworths expects to get $500 million following Lowe’s consent to the Home Consortium transaction.

“When I was appointed CEO in February, I said exiting the Home Improvement business was a top priority,” says Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci.

“Today’s announcement delivers on that commitment. These agreements are the result of an intensive seven month process of reviewing all possible options for exit and extensive negotiations. This decision means management can focus on driving the momentum in our core businesses.

“Since the sale process began, our 7,700 staff in the Home Improvement businesses have worked extremely hard in an uncertain environment and we sincerely thank them for their commitment.”

The company is due to announce full year results tomorrow.

Wednesday 24 August, 2016


Quddiesa fil-berah fit-Triq it-Tramuntana in Nadur

Organizzata mil-kumitat Armar tat-triq it-Tramuntana.

Ritratti minn Mario Muscat

Grey skies and heavy clouds herald first August rain

Inclement weather puts seven swimmers in difficulty and sinks yacht off St Paul's Bay

Thick clouds gathered over most parts of Malta on Tuesday, turning the sky grey in the afternoon, and giving way to the first light rain after the Santa Marija holidays.

The rain would definitely be welcome news for Malta’s farmers but many others were caught unprepared with the abrupt turn in the weather.

Earlier on Tuesday, rough winds have turned otherwise picturesque bays around Malta and Gozo into danger spots, with around seven swimmers reported to have found themselves in difficulty throughout the day.  According to reports, one of the swimmers, a young girl is even in critical condition.

Red flags are flying over many beaches to signal the potential danger of such adverse weather conditions, with waves violent enough to out even sea vessels in significant difficulty.

Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar urges people to sign open letter to Prime Minister

Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar has published an open letter addressed to the Prime Minister and is urging all those interested to sign it and send it to the association, which will then pass all copies to the Office of the Prime Minister.

In the letter, the NGO writes that it can no longer watch silently as short-sighted decisions and greed continue to undermine all that makes Malta special. 

“The health and quality of life of the residents of Malta have deteriorated over different governments as rampant construction has ruined our towns and villages while damaging policies have continued unabated to pave the way for more building in our threatened countryside, impacting agriculture and biodiversity.”

The full letter can be found here for individuals and groups.

Planning Commission approves plans for controversial gas tank near Citadel

The Planning Commission has approved the installation of an LPG gas tank next to the Citadel in Gozo despite serious concerns expressed by residents regarding the safety of the surrounding area.

According to the proposal, the buried LPG tank will have a capacity of 3000ltrs. The proposed tank would be located just beneath the ravelin and adjacent to the wall of the small parking area in front of the obelisk located at Castle Hill. The LPG gas tank will be used to fuel "eternal flames" on the victims of war memorial in Victoria.

The pipe work route shall be passed through Triq it-Telgha tal-Belt, cross Triq Sir Adrian Dingli and below the surface of Independence Square.

The Planning Commission held the meeting this morning where residents and objectors expressed their concerns. Objectors, of which there were over 30, identified the location of the proposed gas tank as a fireworks dropzone in their submissions, and also said that the minimum distance required between the gas tank and the boundary wall was not observed.

The Malta Independent has closely followed the story. Residents told this newsroom that they are willing to take any action legally available to them.

Back in December, Victoria Mayor Samuel Azzopardi said that the council had shot down the idea of the tank being installed in Independence Square as it could damage archaeological finds and could have delayed the rest of the project of restoration works at the Citadel.


Charles J. Scicluna Arċisqof ta’ Malta

Mario Grech Isqof ta’ Għawdex

Onerevoli Membru Parlamentari,

Fil-ġranet li ġejjin se tiġi diskussa, f’xi wħud mill-Kumitati Permanenti tal-Parlament, il-kwistjoni li tqanqlet dan l-aħħar f’pajjiżna dwar l-assistenza medika bil-għan li ttemm direttament il-ħajja.
Bħala l-Isqfijiet ta’ bosta minn dawk li inti tirrappreżenta fil-Parlament Malti, qed niktbulek din l-ittra sabiex nesprimu t-tħassib tagħna dwar din il-kwistjoni u fl-istess waqt naqsmu miegħek dawn ir-riflessjonijiet etiċi u morali:

1. Aħna nemmnu bis-sħiħ fir-rispett lejn id-dinjità tal-ħajja umana li kull ċittadin għandu d-dritt li jgawdi matul l-istadji kollha tal-ħajja, mill-bidunett tat-tnissil sal-mewt naturali. Dan it-twemmin huwa s-sisien ta’ kull ċiviltà mibnija fuq il-ħarsien tal-jeddijiet ta’ kull bniedem, fosthom il-jedd fundamentali tal-ħajja umana. L-iskop tal-liġi huwa li jagħti protezzjoni lil kull ħajja umana, b’mod partikolari meta din tkun żvantaġġjata u vulnerabbli, u mhux li jiffaċilita u jippromwovi t-tmiem tagħha. Kull soċjetà li ddgħajjef il-projbizzjoni legali ta’ qtil intenzjonat ta’ bniedem tkun qed tmermer il-fibra morali u soċjali tagħha.
2. Meta ċittadin isir dipendenti, dgħajjef jew vulnerabbli minħabba kundizzjonijiet ta’ mard, diżabiltà, jew tbatija insopportabbli, soċjetà moderna mistennija li twieġeb bi strutturi b’saħħithom u sensittivi ta’ wens u sedqa biex ħadd ma jiġi mwarrab, ma jaqa’ lura jew jitqies bħala piż fuq l-oħrajn. Soċjetà turi l-wiċċ ħanin tagħha meta persuni vulnerabbli la jiġu abbandunati u wisq aktar ma ddaħħal xi forma ta’ protezzjoni legali għall-assistenza medika bil-għan li tħaffef il-proċess tal-mewt. Għall-kuntrarju, f’pajjiżna għandna nsaħħu s-servizz mediku ta’ kura paljattiva u nkomplu nifirxu x-xikba ta’ solidarjetà soċjali f’servizzi siewja bla ħlas li Hospice Movement diġà qed joffri fil-komunità lil tant pazjenti b’mard terminali u lill-qraba tagħhom. Servizzi ta’ kwalità għolja u effiċjenti f’dan il-qasam joffri mhux biss wens u appoġġ kbir mal-pazjenti u l-qraba tagħhom, iżda jnissel ukoll sens ta’ serħan il-moħħ fis-soċjetà.
3. Id-dritt għall-ħajja huwa dritt fundamentali ta’ kull persuna u għalhekk hemm l-obbligu li l-ħajja tkun rispettata mill-bidu sat-tmiem naturali tagħha. Kull persuna għandha wkoll id-dritt li tingħata l-kura u s-soċjetà għandha l-obbligu morali li tipprovdi s-servizzi mediċi biex tħares dan id-dritt għall-ħajja. Il-pazjent għandu d-dritt legali u morali li jirrifjuta t-trattament mediku meta dan ikun sproporzjonat, jiġifieri ma joffri l-ebda tama ta’ ġid, jinvolvi spejjeż enormi jew jikkaġuna tbatija insopportabbli. Li jitwaqqaf jew ma jinbediex it-trattament mediku minħabba dawn ir-raġunijiet, minkejja li l-kura paljattiva għandha tkompli tingħata, hija etikament għal kollox differenti minn meta pazjent jitlob għall-assistenza medika biex jitħaffef

il-proċess tal-mewt. Filwaqt li fl-ewwel każ, l-intenzjoni hija li ma jsir l-ebda intervent mediku biex jiġi rispettat il-proċess naturali tal-mewt, fit-tieni każ l-intervent mediku jsir bl-intenzjoni li joqtol lill-pazjent. “Għemil jew nuqqas ta’ għemil li, minnu nnifsu jew bl-intenzjoni ta’ min jagħmlu, jagħti l-mewt lil dak li jkun biex ma jbatix aktar, hu qtil li jmur gravement kontra d-dinjità tal-persuna tal-bniedem u kontra r-rispett li jistħoqqlu Alla l-Ħaj u Ħallieq” (Katekiżmu tal-Knisja Kattolika, 2277).
4. Illum kulħadd japprezza s-sens qawwi ta’ awtonomija li tgawdi kull persuna umana. Kulħadd jixtieq li jieħu r-riedni ta’ ħajtu f’idejh u jfassal ħajtu b’mod responsabbli skont ix-xewqat u l-pjanijiet tiegħu. Dan huwa pass ’il quddiem fiċ-ċiviltà ta’ llum! Però din l-awtonomija ma tfissirx li wieħed għandu l-jedd li jiddeċiedi hu meta jtemm il-ħajja minħabba tbatija insapportabbli, diżabiltà jew xi inkonvenjent ieħor. Il-ħarsien tal-ħajja jiġi qabel id-dritt għal-libertà. It-talba ta’ pazjent biex jingħata assistenza medika biex tikkawża direttament il-mewt, anke meta dan ikun fil-proċess imminenti tal-mewt, mhix kwistjoni ta’ libertà ta’ għażla. L-awtonomija li jgawdi kull individwu mhix assoluta u bla limitu. Il-protezzjoni tal-ħajja umana, b’mod partikulari meta din tkun dipendenti u vulnerabbli, huwa prinċipju etiku u legali li jiżboq il-prinċipju tal-awtonomija. Jekk, f’dan il-kuntest, il-prinċipju tal-awtonomija jiġi mifhum f’sens assolut, dan ifaqqar il-vokazzjoni medika għal sempliċi funzjoni “teknika” fejn it-tabib jeżegwixxi dak li jrid il-pazjent u f’dan il-każ iwettaq għemil li jmur kontra l-missjoni ta’ tabib bħala dak li jħares il-ħajja u li qatt ma jikkaġuna l-mewt. Bidla fil-liġi dwar il-protezzjoni tal-ħajja umana tfisser bidla fil-kultura u l-mentalità ta’ pajjiżna dwar kif nibdew inħarsu lejn l-anzjani tagħna, persuni b’mard kroniku, persuni b’diżabilità jew kundizzjonijiet oħra.
5. Hemm min jirraġuna li meta pazjent jitlef il-kwalità tal-ħajja minħabba kundizzjonijiet ta’ tbatija insapportabbli, diżabiltà fiżika jew mentali, jew dipendenza assoluta fuq l-oħrajn, il-ħajja umana titlef il-valur tagħha u għalhekk għandha tiġi onorata x-xewqa ta’ min għejja jgħix u tilef kull xewqa li jkompli jissielet il-battalja tal-ħajja. Aħna nifhmu t-tbatija psikoloġika u fiżika li pazjent u l-qraba jkunu qed iġarrbu. Aħna nħossuna solidali ma’ kull min hu għaddej minn dawn l-esperjenzi qarsa ta’ sofferenza. Però nemmnu li l-valur tal-ħajja umana ma jiddependix mis-saħħa jew mill-mard. Nemmnu wkoll li l-assistenza medika li tingħata lill-pazjent biex itemm ħesrem il-ħajja qatt ma tista’ tkun fl-aħjar interess tal-pazjent.
6. Jekk min huwa fil-professjoni medika jkollu jiġi mġiegħel itemm il-ħajja ta’ xi ħadd, infakkru li liġi li tobbliga lil xi ħadd imur kontra l-kuxjenza tiegħu jew tagħha tkun liġi inġusta.
7. Aħna nappellaw lil kull Membru Parlamentari biex ikompli jħares id-dinjità tal-ħajja umana f’kull stadju tagħha, mill-konċepiment sal-mewt naturali tagħha. Fost l-aqwa kisbiet li pajjiżna xettel u kabbar matul il-medda twila tas-snin fil-kultura

Maltija hemm ir-rispett lejn il-ħajja umana matul l-istadji kollha tagħha. Dan huwa wirt nazzjonali li għandna nkomplu ngħożżuh u nikkonsolidawh biex ngħadduh bla mittiefes lill-ġenerazzjonijiet futuri ta’ pajjiżna.
8. Ma nistgħux ma nfissrux l-apprezzament kbir tagħna għall-fatt li ħafna mill-familji tagħna għadhom juru għożża kbira mal-morda terminali, l-anzjani u persuni vulnerabbli u jagħżlu li jibqgħu jduru bihom fi djarhom stess. L-imħabba u l-empatija li normalment il-qraba juru meta jakkumpanjaw lil dawn il-persuni f’waqtiet tant iebsin tal-ħajja, anke meta jkunu fl-isptarijiet, huma sinjal ta’ ċiviltà umana unika. Nappellaw lil ħutna Maltin u Għawdxin biex ikattru dawn l-għemejjel ta’ ħniena u nkomplu nistinkaw ħalli ebda ċittadin ta’ pajjiżna ma jisfa abbandunat fil-marda jew kundizzjoni kronika tiegħu.

Tuesday 23 August, 2016


Fil-periklu tal-mewt wara li ntilfet minn sensiha f'Għajnsielem

Għaddasa tinsab fil-periklu tal-mewt wara li kienet qed togħdos fl-inħawi tax-Xatt l-Aħmar f’Għajnsielem.

Newsbook.com.mt hu infurmat li l-għaddasa, li hi Pollakka ta’ 41 sena, intilfet minn sensiha ftit wara li telgħet mill-baħar għall-ħabta tas-1.30pm.

Hija ttieħdet l-Isptar Ġenerali ta’ Għawdex għall-kura, fejn qalbet għall-agħar għall-ħabta tal-4.30pm.

Bħalissa qed tingħata t-trattament fid-decompression chamber.

Dwar il-każ infetħet inkjesta Maġisterjali.

Anzjan fil-periklu tal-mewt wara li ttajjar fuq it-traffic lights

Anzjan ta’ 79 sena residenti l-Pietà jinsab fil-periklu tal-mewt wara li ttajjar minn karozza fi Triq Marina fl-Imsida.

L-anzjan ittajjar meta kien qed jaqsam minn fuq it-traffic lights.

Il-karozza kienet qed tinstaq minn raġel ta’ 35 sena residenti l-Furjana. Hu ma sofra ebda ġrieħi.

Il-Pulizija kienet infurmata bil-każ għall-ħabta tal-5.50 ta’ waranofsinhar.

Parti mit-triq ingħalqet għat-traffiku.

L-investigazzjonijiet tal-Pulizija għadhom għaddejjin.

Monday 22 August, 2016


Nadur in pictures

By Mario Muscat

Ta' Kenuna in-Nadur

Nadur Delicata Wine Festival

Photos by Mario Muscat

PN gearing up for elections, working to ‘build positive perception of the party’

In a letter sent by the PN’s Secretary General Rosette Thake, party representatives are being asked to attend training modules organised by the PN’s political academy AZAD with the aim of enriching the knowledge base of future and present candidates and party representatives.

While AZAD has been revamped and very active in promoting the party’s values among prospective candidates since Simon Busuttil took the party’s leadership in 2013, this is the first concrete effort by the PN to shape up its public figures to be able to present themselves to the public in sync with what the PN stands for.

The PN under Lawrence Gonzi had been strongly criticised for lack of direction within the parliamentary group and with its sections. Voters felt alienated by Members of Parliament and party officials who went astray promoting their agenda, which at the time went diametrically opposite to the views held by the party or vice versa. This led to embarrassing situations brought about by a one-seat majority which gave way to public dissent by a handful of rebel back-benchers who claimed to be representing their constituents in clear conflict of the PN’s policies.

On becoming PN leader, Simon Busuttil commissioned a task force, led by former Foreign Minister and EU Commissioner Joe Borg, to evaluate all prospective candidates. It now seems that the project has gone another step further. Through AZAD the PN will be giving proper training to its candidates to be conversant with PN’s policy, values and its history.

But for AZAD’s chairman, Dr David Grixti, the training modules also have another objective. In an email circulated to party officials to promote the courses, he tells recipients, “Training, for the PN is awfully important because the party needs to be sure that it is being represented in a professional manner and by professional people.” He claims that in today’s politics perception plays a major role, “so professional training is the tool with which the party and its representatives may build the best possible perception”.

The PN’s representatives are being asked to attend short modules regarding the history of the PN, values of the PN and their relevance today, the art of public speaking, interaction and psychology in public life, skills and management of door to door campaigning, administrative/organisational skills in campaigning, The use of social media, accessing main messages of the day and keeping abreast, existing policies of the PN (various), data protection and privacy issues in politics, leadership skills, Maltese political history, electoral and media law.

Participants will also be trained on debate skills precisely to learn ‘how to set the agenda and stick to the core message while avoiding media entrapment and turning negative questions into an opportunity,’ claims the brochure circulated among party representatives.

Sources within the PN told this newsroom that interest in the party to participate and sit for the modules is high, indicative that the PN is gearing up for the general election which could at best be called towards the end of 2017 once Malta’s EU Presidency turn is up and before Valletta takes on the City of Culture status in 2018.

Force 4/5 wind, waves of up to 2 metres to hit Malta, chance of rain

Temperatures will continue to be high until Monday but on that day it will become windy with force 4-5 winds and two metre waves expected to hit north western shores, weather website firstmalta.com is forecasting.

There is also the possibility of rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

The skies in the latter part of next week are expected to be at least cloudy, with temperatures dropping from the 34 degrees Celsius (feels like temperature 38-39) to be experienced on Sunday and Monday to 30 degrees for the rest of the week, according to the Meteorological Office at MIA.


Sunday 21 August, 2016


Sunday Request Program

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Dawl mill-Kelma

Programm imtella minn Mons. Salv Muscat.

Klikkja hawn HISTORY biex tisma

Jaħrab poni u jkisser il-karozzi

Numru ta' karozzi ġarrbu xi ħsarat wara li ħarab poni waqt it-tiġrija tal-festa fiż-Żebbuġ Għawdex.

Il-każ seħħ ftit qabel il-5pm, fi Triq il-Knisja.

Ma' Newsbook.com.mt persuni li kienu fuq il-post qalu li l-inċident seħħ minħabba li sewwieq ta’ karozza neħħa l-barrier ta’ karozza.

Il-Pulizija marru fuq il-post.

Ħadd ma weġġa’ f’dan il-każ.

Qala Local Council to meet on Monday on Hondoq souvenir shop application

Qala residents are up in arms over a development application for a souvenir shop at Hondoq ir-Rummien that has been filed by one of the owners of Ta’ Frenc Real Estate.

They fear that, after having narrowly dodged a bullet when the highly controversial Qala Creek development application was recently rejected, other developers have now set their sights on a different part of the bay.

Speaking to The Malta Independent Sundayyesterday, Qala deputy mayor Paul Buttigieg confirmed that all is not well with the prospect, and warned that the development, if approved, may be just the beginning.

He also said that the council will be meeting on Monday to discuss the situation.

The then owner of what had been an agricultural store was granted a permit for an extension in 1994, against the advice of the Case Officer involved. It is for timber paving around what would become a new souvenir shop located in an ODZ area, and for carrying out alterations and additions. It was lodged with the Planning Authority on 12 July 2016.

The application was filed by Angelo Cefai, one of the owners of Ta’ Frenc Real Estate, on behalf of AAC Ltd, a company owned by Ta’ Frenc Real Estate Ltd, which owns the land in question, as well as much of the surrounding ODZ area.

Detractors fear that once a souvenir shop is permitted, the development will be extended with a change of use to sell drinks and food and, possibly, a restaurant in the future. Some people are concerned that a road and car park will eventually be created to provide access to the shop.

People have taken to Facebook to vent their outrage at the application. “Souvenir shop, my foot. Will be ‘upgraded’ to a hotel with all amenities in no time,” one commentator observed. “Leave Hondoq the way it is. We have enough souvenir shops in Gozo,” reads another comment.

“No way – this is how things start. You give one permit and it will end up like Xlendi and Marsalforn. It will end up a commercial village,” another added.

In the words of another objector: “If we can’t get in through the door we’ll try to get in through the window! Just unbelievable…hope it doesn’t take another 14 years to throw this application in the garbage.”

One particularly irate commentator said: “This is nothing but a scam. I believe the people of Gozo are smarter than this. Leave the beloved bay alone once and for all. Hondoq Bay is the only pristine area left around the island.

Saturday 20 August, 2016


Sunday Request Program

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Caterina Caselli Gigliola Cinquetti

Feasts in Malta and Gozo this weekend

 19th & 20th - The Assumption of Our Lady, Comino

   21st - The Assumption of Our Lady, Dingli

   21st - Our Lady of Lourdes, Paola

   21st - St Helen, Birkirkara

   21st - Assumption of Our Lady, Mgarr

   21st - Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stella Maris Parish, Sliema

   21st - St Leonard, Kirkop

   21st - St Pio X, Santa Lucija

   21st - The Assumption of Our Lady, Zebbug, Gozo

“Għandu jippubblika l-kuntratt tat-3 sptarijiet”

l-Partit Nazzjonalista saħaq li l-Ministru tas-Saħħa Chris Fearne għandu jippubblika l-kuntratti tal-privatizzazzjoni tat-tliet sptarijiet: l-Isptar San Luqa, l-Isptar Karen Grech u l-Isptar Ġenerali ta’ Għawdex.

Fi stqarrija, il-Kelliema tal-Partit Nazzjonalista għas-Saħħa Claudette Buttigieg, qalet li l-Ministru għadu ma weġibx il-mistoqsijiet tagħha dwar l-ambulanza tal-ajru.

Staqsiet mill-ġdid kemm se jitħallas għal kull vjaġġ bejn Malta u Għawdex, min se jħallas għas-servizz u jekk hux il-ħlas hux inkluż fis-somma ta’ €55 miljun li se jħallas il-Gvern Malti fis-sena.

Żiedet tgħid li dawn il-mistoqsijiet jiġu mwieġba jekk il-Ministru jippubblika l-kuntratti.

Claudette Buttigieg qalet li l-fatt li l-kuntratt ġie nnegozjat mill-Ministru Konrad Mizzi, li nqabad li fetaħ kumpanija sigrieta fil-Panama, tqanqal dubji serji.

Kissrulha t-tieqa tal-karozza u ħadulha l-flus

Il-Pulizija arrestat żewġ persuni b’rabta ma’ serqa minn karozza fir-Rabat Għawdex.

Newsbook.com.mt hu infurmat li l-każ seħħ ilbieraħ waranofsinhar fil-parkeġġ ewlieni tar-Rabat,  meta sidt il-karozza sabet it-tieqa tal-karozza mkissra.  Malli daħlet fil-karozza sabet li nsterqulha xi flus.

Mill-investigazzjonijiet tagħha, il-Pulizija arrestat żewġ suspettati, Malti u Għawdxi. Wieħed minnhom instab fil-pussess ta’ sustanza x’aktarx illegali u baqa’ jinżamm arrestat.

Is-suspettat l-ieħor inħeles ftit wara.

Ritratt: Arkivji - Beppe Galea

Attent jekk jipprova jwaqqfek mutur!

Attent jekk tkun għaddej fit-triq u jipprova jwaqqfek mutur.

Ma’ Newsbook.com.mt, diversi persuni rrakkuntaw kif waqt li kienu qed isuqu prova jwaqqafhom mutur, "li qed jagħmilha ta' pulizija."

Il-każijiet seħħew fil-Gżira u l-Imsida, fejn waqt li kienu għaddejjin bil-karozza, mutur kien se jidħol fuqhom.

Spjegaw li tal-mutur baqa’ jsegwihom sa Triq Aldo Moro, il-Marsa.

Matul it-triq ipprova jwaqqafhom u meta rahom li ma waqfux beda jostakolahom sakemm ħin minnhom xegħel il-bozoz LEDs blu u daqq sirena bħal tal-pulizija.

Spjegaw li meta qorbu lejn il-Marsa u kien hemm numru ta’ karozzi, is-sewwieq tal-mutur qata’ qalbu u baqa’ sejjer.

Ma' Newsbook.com.mt il-vittmi qalu li l-Pulizija qalulhom li aktarx tal-mutur prova jwaqqafhom biex jisraqhom.

Aktar kmieni l-pulizija ħarġet filmat b’pariri lill-pubbliku biex jevita s-serq minn bajjiet, minn bars u pick-pocketing.

Petition calls for action on ‘unacceptable state’ of road tourists use to get to Azure Window

 An online petition calls on the Gozo Ministry to get its act together and complete works on a stretch of road thousands of tourists use every year to get to the Azure Window, Dwejra and the Blue Hole.

These locations are among the most popular in Gozo and are, in fact, ranked as the 1st, 3rd and 6th best places to visit by Tripadvisor.

The area in question is a stretch of around 400 metres of road between Gharb Corner and San Lawrenz. It seems that recent road works remain unfinished, leaving some 45 manhole covers sticking up above the surface.

“This results in local and tourist vehicles swerving or straddling the offending obstructions in order to reduce damage to their vehicles. This is a busy tourist route where buses, tourist and local traffic all travel between residential dwellings.”

The people behind the petition also say that the unfinished road is an “eyesore” for the village of San Lawrenz “which is the tourist gateway visiting the attractions of the Dwerja and Azure window.”

They also say that the incomplete and unlevelled road surface leads to localised flooding.

“The frustrating thing about this problem is that it exists only due to the fact that the original road design and construction remain incomplete, and secondly that the solution appears relatively straight forward. Furthermore, the lack of completion of this work will also likely cause the well-laid road base to be further damaged causing greater remedial cost and inconvenience in future.”


Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores twice as Man United beat Southampton

Man Utd. 2 Southampton 0

Three points from Old Trafford as two goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic helped Man United to a 2-0 win over Southampton in Paul Pogba's first game back at the club.

1. Ibra maintains his superb start

The best things in life are supposed to be free and as Manchester United welcomed back their £89 million recruit, Paul Pogba, they recorded a first home win of the season courtesy of a man acquired without a transfer fee.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wages are such that he still represents a costly acquisition but on the day that the world's most expensive player made his "debut," the Swede showed a reluctance to let Pogba occupy the limelight. His brace meant Southampton, winners at Old Trafford in the last two seasons, were beaten 2-0 this time around.

Friday 19 August, 2016


Nadur in pictures

By Mario Muscat

Nadur City of the Rising Sun


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