10-year jail term for 74-year old sexual predator

Irreparably corrupted innocence of minor

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

An elderly man who sexually abused a 13-year old boy entrusted into his care was jailed 10 years for the crime which “irreparably corrupted the innocence of the child leaving him scarred for life”.

Michael Charles Muscat, the 74-year old, was accused of defiling the minor, engaging in sexual acts with him and producing indecent drawings concerning the boy.

The accused registered an admission during a hearing on September 2, leading to his conviction on Thursday.

When handing down punishment, magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech noted the “very serious nature of the crimes” whereby the victim’s innocence and childhood had been irreparably corrupted “by the very person entrusted with his upbringing, simply to satisfy some form of sexual pleasure of adults”.

There was no excuse or justification for such abhorrent acts, Magistrate Frendo Dimech continued, pointing out that even the legislator has introduced harsher punishments in respect of such offences against minors.

In spite of past convictions for similar offences, the accused persisted in his ways, committing such perverse acts which “defied all sense of humanity and civilization”.

The court placed the man under three-year protection and treatment orders to help him tackle his psychological problem.

He was also made to fork out €1,238 by way of court expert expenses. The court ordered the confiscation of the offensive drawings which “were far from artistic”.

Inspectors Joseph Busuttil, Paula Ciantar and Roxanne Tabone prosecuted.

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