Xaghra pays tribute to the victims of Sette Giugno riots of 1919

Sette Giuigno

Xaghra has paid tribute to the victims of Sette Giugno, during a ceremony held in the village this morning.

It was organised by the Xaghra Local Council and the Xaghra Historical Reenactment Organisation to commemorate the tragic events of the 7th of June 1919.

On this day in 1919, the Maltese people revolted against the British administration and demanded some form of representative government for the island. Four people died on that fateful day.

One the victims who lost his life during the riots was Guzeppi Bajada, who hailed from Xaghra.

A Mass was celebrated in the Basilica, which was followed by a reenactment in Victory Square and a commemorative ceremony, with the playing of the Last Post and the Reveille.

Wreaths were laid in front of Guzeppi Bajada’s monument in the lower part of Bullara Street.

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