Law of the jungle? Truck destroys wall of private residence, arch of historical value

A truck coming down wrong way in Carmel Street, corner with Main Street, St Julian’s on Saturday knocked down the wall of a private residence.

A reader sent in the following pictures of the mess and said that an arch of historical value was also destroyed in the process.

St Julian’s mayor Guido Dalli said that four houses in the middle of Carmel Street were being redeveloped and the works were causing a lot of damage, partly because of the narrowness of the roads, that being the oldest part of the locality.

He said that even the Lapsi church marble had been damaged and the council was waiting for the works to be concluded before carrying out the necessary repairs.

Parish priest Fr Claude Portelli said that the problem was that money was ruling every sphere of society with greed taking over every corner of the island.

The village core of St Julian’s had been destroyed. It was not taken care of and had become a building site.

Moreover, truck drivers did their work without consideration for the neighbours.

Fr Portelli said it was now a bit too late to complain and protest but the upper part of Carmel Street was being completely replaced with new development.

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